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Collect insightful feedback from your customers or employees without them having to worry that their identities will be revealed in their responses. With Jform, you can build custom anonymous surveys that your users can access from any device. Keep user responses confidential, stay GDPR compliant, and get notified whenever someone has submitted their anonymous feedback survey — all from your Jform account.


Explore Free Feedback Survey Templates

Don’t have the time to build your anonymous survey from scratch? No problem! Simply pick from one of our ready-made anonymous survey form templates to get started. Just add your own questions, make any needed design changes, and you’re good to go.

Anonymous Feedback Form

Template anonymous-feedback-form
Template anonymous-feedback-form

다면 평가 설문조사

Template 360-degree-feedback-survey
Template 360-degree-feedback-survey

Employee Favorites Questionnaire

Template employee-favorites-questionnaire
Template employee-favorites-questionnaire


Create Anonymous Survey Forms in Minutes

Collect Anonymous Feedback

Allowing your audience to submit feedback anonymously encourages your employees, clients, or customers to be completely honest in their responses. More transparency in reviews will, in turn, allow your organization to make informed decisions and implement meaningful improvements company wide.

Increase Audience Engagement

Switch up the look and feel of your anonymous surveys and increase audience engagement with Jform’s customizable surveys and polls. Add different question types: multiple choice, short and long answer, true or false, and more depending on your specific needs.

Use Different Apps and Platforms

Get feedback from multiple platforms and engage with more audience members by connecting your survey forms with 100+ helpful app integrations. Connect your surveys with scheduling apps, payment processors, project management software, and others to enrich your feedback forms and automate your survey processes.

Keep Responses Secure

Ensure that your users’ survey responses stay secure in your Jform account. Jform offers a 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR compliance, CCPA compliance, encrypted forms, and optional HIPAA compliance features for healthcare professionals.


What our users say about Jform

Jform has enabled me to take most of our paper forms into an electronic version which enforces rules and logic. We use it for everything from registration forms to awards and scholarship applications, RSVPs, general data collection, surveys, and more. It's very easy to get started and the knowledge base is useful for when you need to take your form to the next level.

Alyssa Godfrey, Director of Communications & Technology, CLAS

Learn More About Anonymous Feedback Tool

All your questions about Jform — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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What is anonymous feedback?

Anonymous feedback is information — usually from surveys or review cycles — that has been submitted without being associated with any one person. Anonymous feedback can be collected by not requiring users to fill out details that would identify them to the survey reviewer, like their name, email, or position in the company. Collecting feedback anonymously is great for gaining unfiltered answers from clients, customers, and employees alike.

How do I create an anonymous feedback survey?

There are many ways to create an anonymous survey, but we recommend creating yours with Jotform. Start by logging into your Jform account. Choose one of our feedback survey templates or make your own from scratch, then simply input your survey questions with our drag-and-drop builder. To ensure that your survey is anonymous, refrain from adding required fields that ask for names and other identifying personal details.

Why should I make my employee survey anonymous?

Anonymous surveys are beneficial for companies that are looking to collect honest feedback from their employees. Your employees might feel obligated to sugarcoat their answers or omit their answers if they know their names will be associated with feedback that might not be positive. For that reason, making your surveys anonymous will help management assess real problems and needs.

Can a Jform survey be anonymous?

Yes, a Jform survey can be anonymous. When building your survey, just make sure to omit any questions that ask for identifying details.

Is creating a feedback survey in Jform free?

Yes, creating a feedback survey in Jform is free. Simply log into your Jform account and use our free survey form builder to create your first feedback survey.

How can I migrate my surveys to Jform?

Migrating your current surveys to Jform is a seamless process. To begin, simply log into your Jform account and click Create Form. Choose Import Form and upload the surveys you want to migrate to Jotform.

Can users save their feedback progress and finish filling it out later?

Yes, with Jform you can allow your survey participants to save their answers and continue filling out the survey later. To enable this feature for your anonymous survey forms, go to your form’s Settings. Enable Continue Forms Later, then customize your Save and Continue Later email for your survey users.