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Create ranking surveys with Jform and ask your audience to rank options based on their personal preferences. Use our Orderable List widget to collect feedback about what your customers love the most about your services or products. Use our 10,000+ free templates, set up conditional logic, customize your ranking survey to match your brand, and start collecting responses in minutes.


Explore Ranking Survey Templates

Don’t want to build your ranking survey from scratch? Pick from one of our many survey templates and personalize it to match your branding. Simply add your own questions, change the look and feel, and share with your users!

제품 설문 조사 양식

Template product-survey-form-private-15

시장 연구 설문조사

Template market-research-survey-private-13

Customer Survey

Template customer-survey-private-6


Powerful Form Builder for Ranking Survey

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Our powerful drag-and-drop survey builder makes creating the perfect ranking survey a breeze. Our builder includes thousands of fully customizable survey templates and hundreds of great widgets.

Organize Your Data in Jform Tables

Collect important feedback from users and manage and analyze their responses in one centralized place. Jform Tables makes it easy to gauge customer’s satisfaction levels and understand what could be done better.

설문조사 공유

Make your survey accessible and easy to find by embedding into your website or sharing it via a link. You can also create scannable QR codes or link to your survey on your social media pages.

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Not only is our drag-and-drop survey builder easy to use, but we also offer helpful survey widgets to make your ranking survey look and feel the way you want it to. Insert progress bars, save and continue later buttons, and more to ensure the survey experience is up to your standards.

오프라인 피드백 수집

Jform’s surveys allow you to collect important guest feedback offline. Your guests can fill out your surveys from tablets, mobile devices, and even desktop computers.


What our users say about Jform

Jform is a very versatile tool. It is user friendly and I have utilized for many facets in our school district from taking surveys, registrations, nomination forms, field trip permission forms, consent and release agreements, ticket sales, questionnaires, tuition lottery applications, annual health history information forms, and the list goes on. Whenever a form or an information gathering application is called for I know I can use Jform to create the form or tool to get the job accomplished. The new reports, analysis tools and pdf creator in Jform just add to an already great product!

Lorie Becker Jessup, Communications Specialist, Community Unit School District 308

Learn More About Ranking Survey

All your questions about Jform — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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What are ranking questions examples?

  • Which product features, in ranked order, do you use the most/the least?
  • Rank the features or services that you like the most/least.
  • How would you rank your experience with our company?
  • Please rank how useful you found our product/service.

What is the difference between a rating and a ranking?

A rating scale allows your respondent to score each item on the list. A ranking scale asks your respondent to put items on a list in order of preference or priority.

How do I create a ranking survey in Jform?

To create a ranking survey in Jform, start by opening your Jform account and picking or creating a form. Then click Add Form Element and go to the Widgets tab. Search for the Orderable List widget in the left menu and either click it or drag and drop it into your form. Then simply add your ranking questions and send the survey to your users to gather their input.