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Boost productivity, conquer tasks, and plan your week with Jform’s free Weekly Schedule Maker. Create customizable weekly schedules to stay organized and maximize your time!


Explore Weekly Schedule Templates

Social Media Calendar Template

Template social-media-calendar
Template social-media-calendar

Salon Appointment Calendar Template

Template salon-appointment-calendar
Template salon-appointment-calendar

Email Marketing Calendar Template

Template email-marketing-calendar-template
Template email-marketing-calendar-template


Instantly Create Weekly Schedules

Easy-to-use interface

Jform’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you easily create forms and turn responses into weekly schedules in seconds — without coding. You can build a schedule from scratch or choose from one of our templates to start. Plus, effortlessly view and edit your schedule any time you need.

Seamless customization

Jform provides robust customization features that allow you to tailor your weekly schedules to your specific needs. Adjust the layout and colors, include your own branding, and categorize tasks to effectively visualize and better manage your time.

Efficient planning and productivity

Jform’s Weekly Schedule Maker helps you prioritize tasks, set reminders, and allocate time slots so you can focus on essential activities and accomplish more with your time.


What our users say about Jform

Jform is a wonderful platform that makes it easy for small business owners to create forms, receive payments, and schedule appointments. The user interface is very easy. All your administrative tasks can be handled from one website rather than having to use several different ones.

April Coggins, Tutor, Bright-minds Tutoring

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All your questions about Jform — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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How do I create a weekly schedule?

You can create a weekly schedule with Jform’s Weekly Schedule Maker. Once you’ve built forms to collect submissions for appointments or meetings, simply go to Jform Tables, where you can use a free template to create schedules from your response data or from manually entered data. Add tasks, meetings, and other events to make sure projects are completed on schedule.

How can Jform’s Weekly Schedule Maker help improve my time management?

Our Weekly Schedule Maker can help you improve your time management by providing a visual representation of your schedule that allows you to see your meetings, appointments, and time blocks throughout the week. This helps you stay on track with projects and keep commitments in order.

This tool also assists with time blocking and prioritization by allowing you to structure your time around certain priorities and rank them based on importance. With this method, you can increase your productivity and reduce procrastination to achieve optimal balance throughout your week.

Can I share my weekly schedule with others?

Once you’ve filled in your weekly schedule with all of your information, you can download it as a CSV, PDF, or Excel file — easy to print or share with others. Forward your schedule via email or link in seconds so that your employees, colleagues, and family know what you’ll be working on throughout the week.

Are there options to sync my weekly schedule with other calendars or applications?

Yes, there are options to sync your weekly schedule with other calendars or applications. While you’re currently unable to sync calendars with other Jform users, you can integrate your weekly schedule with a Google Calendar. If one or both calendars are blocked off, this will prevent appointments from being double-booked.

Can I access my weekly schedule from different devices?

Yes — you can access your weekly schedule from any computer, smartphone, or tablet so you can keep your schedule with you on the go. Need to access your schedule offline? Not an issue! When you download it as a PDF or Excel file, you’ll be able to see it even when you’re away from your device.

What is a weekly schedule template?

A weekly schedule template gives you a premade structure for your weekly schedule, providing inspiration about how to plan your time. A template lets you update tabs, columns, and color-coded tags so you can track tasks, priorities, and due dates. With a Weekly Schedule template to keep you on track, you can spend less time building your schedule and more time accomplishing your goals.