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8 New Ways to Prefill Your Forms

Discover how you can improve the user experience with these new Jform Prefill 2.0 features and integrations.

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Send Prefilled Forms with Jform Tables

Send pre-populated forms directly from Jform Tables. Prefill forms using previous submissions or imported information — then email them to recipients without having to leave your table.


Add Fill Another Form
button to your Thank You

Use your form’s Thank You page to redirect users to another form pre-populated with their information. Add a button to your Thank You page that sends users to a secondary form with prefilled fields.


Add Fill Again button to
your Thank You Page

Include a Fill Again button in your Thank You page that invites users to submit another response to your form, with the information they’ve previously submitted already pre-populated.

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Assign Prefilled Forms with Jform Approvals

Assign prefilled forms within your Jform Approvals workflow. Speed up the approval process and reduce data inconsistencies by assigning forms that are prefilled with information previously entered into your approval flow.


Assign Manually
Prefilled Forms

Invite team members or clients to fill out forms you’ve prefilled yourself. Set up Jform Prefill with our easy-to-use Assign Forms feature to send manually pre-populated forms to others and track their responses.


Prefill from Airtable

Create online forms pre-populated with data from your Airtable workspace. Collaborate with Airtable contacts by inviting them to edit the prefilled fields in your forms.

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Prefill from Pipedrive

Connect Jform to Pipedrive to create forms pre-populated with customer data from your CRM. Send leads and clients prefilled forms that they can edit and complete from any device.

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Prefill from monday.com

Pre-populate your forms with project data or client information from your monday.com boards. Connect Jform with monday.com to send prefilled forms to teammates or clients for a seamless workflow.

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