Free Online Waiver Forms

Streamline your waiver process by creating digital waiver forms for free with Jotform. Allow users to e-sign waivers from any device, anywhere. Track submission data and convert responses into PDFs instantly. Ensure the safety of your customers, patients, participants, and clients with custom online waivers. Sign up for a free account to try Jform’s online waiver software today!

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Free Online Waiver
Form Templates

Need inspiration? Pick one of our ready-made online waiver templates to get started quickly. Drag and drop to customize your selected template with our handy online form builder. Tailor your form to meet your needs and share it with your audience in just a few clicks.

Participation Waiver and Release Form

Participation Waiver and Release Form

Camp Liability Waiver Form

Camp Liability Waiver Form

Personal Training Liability Waiver Form

Personal Training Liability Waiver Form

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Easy-to-use interface

Use Jform’s intuitive interface to build online waivers in just a few clicks. Drag and drop to add new form fields, integrate with useful tools, change fonts and colors, upload branding assets, and so much more — all with no coding required. Collect contact details, payments, consent, file uploads, and more.

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Easy-to-use interface

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Collect signatures online

Collect electronic waivers online, eliminating the need for physical signatures. Leave manual printing, signing, scanning, and emailing in the past and get e-signatures quickly with Jform’s digital waivers. Jform Sign lets you collect and track waiver signatures online, then converts each completed document into a finished PDF.

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Jform Sign

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Keep information secure

Rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure. Jform protects you with a built-in 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR and PCI compliance, and multiple encryption options and anti-spam fields.

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Safe & Secure

키오스크 모드

키오스크 모드

With Jform’s responsive design, your waivers will look and work great on any device — be it desktop or mobile. You can also turn your phone or tablet into a portable kiosk station to get waivers signed in person.

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PDF 편집기

Transform waivers into PDFs

Creating professional PDFs has never been easier. Effortlessly generate PDFs from completed waivers with Jform, providing a convenient and organized way to store, share, and collaborate on critical documents.

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PDF Editor

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Track responses and collaborate

Store and manage your waiver form submission data securely with Jform Tables. Easily access, search, and export waiver data as needed. Share your waivers and submissions with colleagues via Jform’s built-in collaboration tools to boost collaboration and efficiency. 

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“Affordable, easy to use”

“Affordable, easy to use, and just what our school needed to ensure that every person could quickly and easily sign the consent to participate in distance learning form online. Using Jform allowed us to quickly launch distance learning while sheltering in place”

Cassandra Bridge,

Monterey Bay Charter School

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Waiver Forms

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  • What is an online waiver form?

    An online waiver form is a type of e-sign document that states that the signer of the waiver accepts the potential risks of an activity and waives their right to place blame on the host or sponsor of the activity.

  • Why should you use an online waiver form?

    Online waiver forms are useful for individuals or companies that host excursions, classes, or other events that have potential risks. You should use an online waiver form to protect your company from being liable for a potential accident.

  • How can you create an online waiver form?

    To create an online waiver form, open your Jform account and navigate to My Sign Documents. Click on Create Sign Document and choose whether you’d like to upload an existing document or use one of our ready-made e-sign templates. Once you select how you’d like to proceed, you’ll be directed to the Sign Builder. From there, you can add form fields, change the design of your e-sign document, integrate third-party apps, and so much more. Customize your document to match your needs, then send it off to your users or embed it directly into your website or online portal.

  • What is the purpose of a waiver?

    The purpose of a waiver is to document that one party relinquishes a right or claim to another party.

  • Are online waiver forms legally binding?

    Yes, online waiver forms can be legally binding. Consult with a lawyer or legal team before deeming your waiver ready for official use.

  • What should be included in an online waiver form?

    An online waiver form should include the names of all parties, their contact information, a written statement that outlines the agreement, and room for e-signatures.

  • Can you collect payments through online waiver forms?

    Yes, you can collect payments through your online waiver forms by using Jform’s Form Builder to create your online waiver and integrating with one of our many payment gateways.

  • How secure are online waiver forms?

    Jform’s online waiver forms are very secure. With a built-in 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR and PCI compliance, multiple encryption options, and anti-spam fields, you can rest easy knowing that your waiver data is safe.

  • How do participants sign online waiver forms?

    Participants can be invited to sign online waiver forms via the Send tab in the Sign Builder. Simply input your signers’ names and email addresses. Add optional access codes, custom messages, or a specific signing order to give your e-sign document a customized feel.

  • What happens after participants submit online waiver forms?

    After a participant submits their signed online waiver, all other included parties will receive a confirmation email with an audit trail. This audit trail provides the exact date and time that each person signed the waiver.

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