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Create forms, surveys, and quizzes all from one centralized location. Generate important reports and automate your workflows with Jotform. Choose from 10,000+ free form templates to build the perfect form for your website or business. No coding knowledge required.


Microsoft Forms Alternative Templates

Unsure where to start? Customize one of these ready-made templates with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder. No coding required.

customer feedback survey
responsive product order form
responsive envelope contact form
customer feedback survey
responsive product order form
responsive envelope contact form

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Enjoy access to many powerful forms and form features with Jform’s free Starter plan. If you need to upgrade for more submissions, storage, payments, or HIPAA compliance features, we offer affordable paid plans that fit just about every need and budget.


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Customization made easy

Jform makes creating and editing your form easy and quick. Our drag-and-drop builder allows for intuitive, efficient edits on the go. Our full-featured software offers anything and everything your company needs for data collection and management.


Streamline your workflow

Automate your workflow and set up conditional logic to show or hide form fields automatically depending on your responder’s form answers.

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Data collection on the go

With Jform you can collect data anywhere you go — even offline. The Jform Mobile Forms app allows you to get form responses in person with our kiosk mode feature, whether you have internet access or not. You can also collect electronic signatures offline.

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Receive payments on your terms

Receive payments instantly with Jform’s 30+ different payment gateways — including Square, PayPal, and Stripe. You can easily connect your form with your payment processor of choice for seamless, secure payment transactions.

Email Alerts

Automate your emails

Automatically send your clients and customers emails or invoices immediately after they submit form responses. Customize your emails with file attachments like PDFs, JPGs, and more. Stay on top of your responses and automate your workflow with Jform today.

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Share your forms anywhere, anytime

Embed your form in your website or company homepage to increase user engagement. You can also share your forms by including a link in your social media, sharing the link via email, or generating QR codes.

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100개 이상의 플랫폼과 통합

Sync your form submissions with popular integrations like Asana, Trello, and Dropbox for easy project management.

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HIPAA 친화적인 양식

Jform protects each form’s data automatically and gives you the option to encrypt your forms for increased security. Jform also gives companies the tools they need to build HIPAA-friendly forms in order to collect health information securely.

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Ford Motor Company (Detroit, 미국)

Redbox는 요청들을 능률화 하도록 돕기 위해 파트너십 리드 양식을 만들었습니다.

Redbox Retail company (Oakbrook Terrace, 미국)

런던의 Daily Mirror는 구독자들에게 누가 그들이 선호하는 축구선수인지 묻기위해 Jform 엔터프라이즈를 사용합니다.

The Daily Mirror (London, Britain)

GrubHub은 식당들이 이것의 서비스에 가입할 수 있도록 등록 양식을 만들었습니다.

GrubHub Online food ordering (Chicago, 미국)

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  • Why should I use Jform instead of Microsoft Forms?

    Jform offers thousands of free form templates, many more than Microsoft Forms. It also speeds up the form creation process and lets you customize details like fonts, styles, and colors. Plus, Jform has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to build professional forms with features like conditional logic — no coding knowledge needed.

  • How do I create a digital form?

    You can create a digital form by going to the My Forms page in the Jform Form Builder and choosing a template or building your own form from scratch. Drag and drop to customize and share with your audience!

  • Can I customize my form?

    Yes, you can customize your form. Jform’s drag-and-drop form builder makes changing up the look and feel of your form intuitive and easy.

  • How do I make an online signable form?

    To make an online signable form, start by creating your own consent, agreement, or petition form in Jotform. Then simply select the Signature element and drag it onto your form. Input all the details you need and send it to your participants.

  • How do I add a fillable form to my website?

    To add a fillable form to your website, create a form with Jotform. Add the questions you’d like to include in your form and upload any other form elements you’d like. Then embed your form in your site using a simple copy-paste code.

  • Is it possible to make surveys for social media using Jform?

    Yes, it’s possible to make surveys for social media using Jotform. Create your survey in the Jform Form Builder, customize it to your liking, then link to your survey on your social media to get responses. Jform works great on mobile devices, so your audience can respond from both Android and iOS devices.

  • Jform은 무료인가요?

    Yes, Jform offers a free forever plan that includes all of our core features. If you’d like to increase your account’s form, payment, and submission capabilities, please look into our pricing options.

  • Jform은 모바일 친화적인가요?

    Yes, Jform is mobile-friendly! Jform Mobile Forms — available on the App Store and Google Play — allows you to take your forms on the go.

  • Jform은 얼마나 안전한가요?

    Jform is very secure. Jform keeps data safe with a built-in 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR and PCI compliance, as well as multiple encryption options and anti-spam fields.

  • Does Jform have HIPAA compliance features?

    Jform cares about your privacy. We offer optional HIPAA compliance features for Gold and Enterprise users. Check out our pricing options and HIPAA page to learn more.

  • 제가 만약 Google 드라이브, 시트, 캘린더 등을 사용한다면 Jform을 써도 되나요?

    Yes, you can still use Jform if you also use other organizational apps.

  • Jform으로 결제금액을 수령할 수 있나요?

    Yes, you can collect payments with Jotform. We have 30+ payment gateways to choose from — including Stripe, Square, and many more.

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