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Become a Jform reseller. Take advantage of a structured, supported reseller platform to expand your business services and build new revenue streams

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Reseller Partner Perks

Financial Perks
Get Rewarded. Start at Gold

Access exceptional discounts right away by starting at our esteemed Gold tier.

Competitive Margins

Leverage our unique recurring revenue model for quick payouts.

Prequalified Leads

Empower your business with prequalified sales leads.

90-Day Success Acceleration

Enhance profitability by securing additional margins within your first 90 days.

Deal Registration

​​Secure larger discounts and ensure client ownership by registering your deals.

Marketing Perks
Partner Training

Access exclusive training materials to elevate your product knowledge and boost your sales performance.


Supercharge your marketing efforts with a wealth of resources, including cheat sheets, email templates, and more for various verticals.

MDF & Incentives

Work alongside our team as professional partners with pre-allocated market development funds for joint promotions and incentives.

Not-for-Resale Access

Utilize a not-for-resale (NFR) account to showcase the value of our product to clients with confidence.

Partner Locator

Get featured in our Partner Locator for more lead and earning potential.


Power Your Organization and others


Create smart online forms in minutes. Use conditional logic, 10,000+ templates, and hundreds of integrations to collect data, e-signatures, payments, and more.


Automate e-signatures for documents, donations, and more. Digitize paper documents, collect signatures from multiple signers, send email reminders, and track status with Jform Sign.


Streamline paper-based processes to reduce manual work and save time. Use online forms and approvals to assign tasks, send emails, and remove bottlenecks without coding.

Document Generation

Turn collected form responses into professional, secure PDF documents you can share with colleagues and customers. Easily generate custom fillable PDF files online.

Why choose Jform Enterprise? Take it from our customers:

G2 Platform
Trust Radius
Software Advice

Solutions for every organization


Transform patient experiences and automate administration with secure HIPAA compliance solutions. Digitize paper forms, schedule appointments, collect e-signatures and payments, and create patient portal apps — all with no coding.

Story: Jform Enterprise and One to One Health help safeguard communities.

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Effortlessly manage registration, field trips, summer camps, and trainings, simplifying administrative tasks for staff and students. Create custom forms, collect e-signatures and payments, and foster collaborative learning. Tailored FERPA, HIPAA, and SOC 2 compliance solutions safeguard student data. Prioritize privacy with Jform Enterprise and enjoy 30% off as an educational institution.

Story: Jform 엔터프라이즈가 패서디나 시티 컬리지 팀들을 캠퍼스에서 돕는 방법

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Simplify your digital transformation by replacing paper-based PDFs and processes with mobile-friendly online forms and automation. Collaborate seamlessly, enhance efficiency, and ensure data security and privacy with HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance solutions. Boost constituent participation with smart forms and no-code workflows for collecting e-signatures, payments, and more.

Story: 몬타나 주의 How Park 카운티는 코로나-19와 대항하기 위해 Jform을 사용합니다

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저희의 강력한 상호 연결된 노코드 솔루션들로 역동적인 브랜드별 온라인 양식을 생성하고 기술비 지출을 줄이세요. 한 곳에서 기부금 수집, 자원봉사자 등록, 전자 서명 수집, 실시간 보고서 생성, 모든 이벤트 관리 등을 다 할 수 있습니다. 자격을 갖춘 비영리 단체는 Enterprise 멤버십에서 30% 할인을 받습니다.

Story: Body Brave는 Jform 엔터프라이즈로 건강 관리에 대한 접근과 서비스들을 개선합니다

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현장 서비스 관리

Maintain data quality and speed form submissions with custom dropdowns, pick lists, and required formats. Create a custom app to gather data offline and in the field. Manage work orders and invoices, collect e-signatures, payments, and feedback, and design workflows to automate tasks — all with no coding.

Story: Three Rivers Park 구는 Jform 엔터프라이즈로 2만7천 에이커의 땅을 관리합니다

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비지니스 서비스

Efficiently manage customer feedback, create digital contracts, and collect e-signatures using no-code online forms. Automate routine business processes with approval workflows and generate real-time reporting with a click. Prioritize data security with dedicated instance and role-based access, ensuring streamlined, secure operations.

Story: ACS Stainless Steel Fixings 주식회사는 Jform 엔터프라이즈로 사업을 관리합니다

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Speed checkouts, quickly locate and manage inventory, and keep customers and prospects engaged with automated emails and workflows. Design beautifully on-brand forms, apps, and more—all with no coding. Simple drag-and-drop interface empowers core teams and seasonal staff alike.

Story: Jform 엔터프라이즈로 인기있는 런던의 레스토랑 브랜드들을 관리하세요

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Keep information flowing and stay connected with a suite of no-code data collection and automation tools. Industry-leading security and role-based access keeps sensitive data secure while mobile-friendly forms and apps keep reporters, colleagues, and audiences informed everywhere they go.

Story: Jform 엔터프라이즈는 Reach가 성장하고 관련 콘텐츠를 전달할 수 있게 해줍니다

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View a detailed grid of the Jform Partner Program

Grid of Reseller Partner Program

Explore our partner program tiers. Ranging from authorized to gold and platinum, each tier has different benefits. Begin your journey at gold and progress to platinum for top-tier perks.


Testimonial Mark

It has saved us tons of money and time

Jform Enterprise has given us the ability to collect payments across the department, which was a huge thing for us. The university as a whole didn’t have a solution for that . . . it has saved us tons of money and time.

Torri McCray, Business Systems Analyst University of Michigan
Testimonial Mark

Project takes roughly 20 percent less time to complete

With Jform Enterprise, every aspect of standing up a project takes roughly 20 percent less time to complete. It does a lot of things extremely well, exceeding the industry standard.

Caleb Griffin, Software Development Manager iTOTEM
Testimonial Mark

Jform Enterprise helped us immensely

Jform Enterprise helped us immensely in creating communication channels with our patrons. We use it to allow patrons to suggest events, recommend books for us to purchase, contact us with questions, give us feedback on how we’re doing, and join the Friends of the Library group.

Sarah Schroeder Tinley Park Public Library