The Online Form Builder for Creative Agencies

From marketing to advertising to design agencies, Jform's online form builder can help you and your clients streamline information collection. Create and publish your online forms in minutes.

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Enterprise Survey Software Templates

Create your Enterprise survey in just a few clicks with Jform’s ready-made survey templates. Choose one of our free templates below and customize it to suit your needs with no coding knowledge.

Lead Generation Form

Lead Generation Form

시장 연구 설문조사

Market Research Form

이벤트 등록 양식

Event Registration Form

The Online Form Platform For Creative Agencies

Jform is the preferred online form building platform for creative agencies. Fast, simple, and customizable, Jform allows you to create beautiful forms, with response data securely stored online. Create branded online forms that shine. Share the responses with colleagues. Export them to Google Sheets, or integrate them with dozens of other third-party applications.

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Create Client Inquiry Forms

Eliminate the tedious back-and-forth email process and create a form that asks potential new clients about services they are seeking, target audiences, projected budgets, and proposed deadlines.

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Work in Collaboration

Add collaborators in Jform to work on client forms as a group — without having to share access to your entire account. Send your form’s collaboration link to team members who can then view and edit the form on any device.

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Gather Campaign Files

Creative campaigns with huge design files are cumbersome to send over email. Have your clients submit creative files through an online form for easier uploading and a better way to keep everything organized.

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