Travel Consent Forms

A child travel consent form is signed by the child’s parent or guardian as permission for domestic or international travel, often with a school, club, or other organization. If you’re managing a summer camp, school trip, or other fun excursion, choose a free sample template to create a custom Travel Consent Form and easily collect child travel consent forms online. Embed the form in your website or open it on a tablet or computer to instantly collect legally binding e-signatures from parents — no more sending, signing, and scanning paperwork!

With Jform Form Builder, you can customize your Travel Consent Form in seconds. Add your logo, update fonts and colors, or add instructions to ensure the form is filled out correctly. Why not integrate with your favorite apps to automatically sync submissions to other important accounts? Or link your travel consent form to a PDF template to instantly generate professional travel consent documents — perfect for presenting to travel authorities or border agents. Create a custom child travel consent form today to ensure the safety of travelling minors and give parents peace of mind.

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