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Make classroom voting easier with Jform’s student polls. Build custom polls for your students in just a few easy clicks. Increase engagement with your students, collect feedback, and analyze results with one tool. Evaluate what matters most to your students to set them up for success.


Explore Student Poll Templates

Not sure where to start? Simply choose one of our free, ready-made student poll templates to get started. Customize it to fit your needs with our easy-to-use form builder and share it with your students — it’s that easy!

Class Poll

Template class-poll-private-4
Template class-poll-private-4

시험일 투표

Template vote-exam-date-private-2
Template vote-exam-date-private-2

Teaching Session Feedback

Template teaching-session-feedback-private-8
Template teaching-session-feedback-private-8


Student Polls

Easy-to-use interface

Customize your student poll or survey to match your exact needs. Use our drag-and-drop interface to easily add form elements, integrate with useful tools, change fonts and colors, and more. Create and share with students in just a few clicks.

Collect and manage responses

Make your student polls anonymous to encourage openness and thoughtful communication. Plus, once your students submit their poll responses, you can manage and view responses seamlessly from Jform Tables.

Polls that work on any device

Let your students vote from their smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. Share your Jform student polls via direct link, QR code, or by embedding your poll into your school’s online student portal for easy access.

Real-time results

Get instant feedback and increase student participation using Jform’s student polls. As soon as students submit their responses, you can view and manage the responses in Jform Tables. Increase engagement with your lectures by showing real-time poll results.

Build reports with Jform

Transform your poll results into fun reports and graphs with Jform Report Builder. Easily visualize and analyze your data, and share it with your students.


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Jform has single handedly changed the culture, efficiency, and productivity of our department. We use it for everything from event scheduling, syllabi gathering, teaching preferences, student visit itineraries, polls, and more. We love the beautiful, easy-to-use interface, and our end-users (students, faculty, and staff) find it very user-friendly. I love being able to use Jform to gather large amounts of data and then sort it however I see fit.

Laura E Donaldson, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs & Academic Advisor, Carnegie Mellon University

How to create your own poll


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What are student polls?

A student poll is a type of poll or survey that aims to collect honest opinions and information from students about classroom matters, curriculum, school events, and other school-related topics. Student polls can be created by teachers, students, school administrators, and other staff. Student polls are a great way to gauge your students’ opinions about school matters.

How do you create student polls?

To create your own custom student poll, open your Jform account and click Create Form. You can either choose one of our ready-made form templates or select Start From Scratch to begin the creation process. If you choose one of our templates, you can customize it to fit your needs with our drag-and-drop poll builder. Change fonts and colors, upload images, and more.

If you want to create your poll from scratch, select Start From Scratch instead of picking a template, and choose your desired form layout — either Classic Form or Card Form depending on what type of look you want for your poll. Once you’re in the Form Builder, open the Form Elements bar on the left side of your screen. Browse the elements, and then drag and drop the ones you need into your custom poll. Some popular elements for your form include multiple-choice questions, single-choice questions, or star and scale rating questions.

After you’ve added the questions you’d like to include in your student poll, go to JotPoll. JotPoll is a useful integration that allows your poll respondents to see their poll results in a sleek chart format.

To use JotPoll, select your new form in JotPoll and click Generate URL. Copy that generated link and then return to your new poll on Jotform. Click Settings, Thank You Page, and then the button that says Redirect to an external link after submission. Insert the link that you copied from JotPoll, and you should be all set.

If you’d like to share only the results of your student poll and not the poll itself, all you have to do is share that generated link from JotPoll with your audience instead of linking to it in your Thank You page.

Why should you use polls in class?

Student polls are a great way to increase engagement in the classroom while also sparking creativity and curiosity about course curriculum and general student body activities.

Creating fun and educational classroom polls — test or pop quiz style — can encourage active learning and foster positive interactions between students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Test your students’ knowledge with a fun poll that can double as a game! Some students might jump at the idea of taking their phones out for a class activity, and that could make the assignment more memorable for them. Or you could share with your students in real-time how the class as a whole feels about an assignment or topic.

Additionally, by creating student polls that allow respondents to remain anonymous, you as a professor or teacher will gain more honest insight into what your students are thinking. Anonymous polls encourage openness, promote healthy communication, and allow your students to freely express their opinions without being punished for them.

Using interactive activities like polls in your classroom can increase student engagement, promote a fun learning style, and help with general curriculum feedback. There’s no reason not to use polls!

What are the different types of student polls?

There are many different types of student polls to try given the number of scenarios in which they could be used. Consider using the following types of student polls at your school:

  • Student council voting polls
  • Anonymous course feedback polls
  • Anonymous instructor feedback polls
  • Student survey polls
  • Pop quiz polls
  • Student-teacher check-in polls
  • Exam date polls
  • In-class project organization polls
  • School dance polls

How can polls be used in the classroom?

Polls can be used for many different activities in the classroom — by both teachers and students.

Teachers can use polls in their classes for a wide variety of activities and lessons. For learning purposes, teachers can use polls to create in-class quizzes or tests that students can take on their mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

Teachers can also use polls to plan testing days by polling their students on the best date and time to schedule a final exam or quiz. This is especially beneficial if some of your students will be missing a test to participate in an afternoon sporting or academic event.

In addition, teachers can use polls to ask their students what they like about their class and what they think could be done better. Polls are a great way to get an idea of how to change up classroom dynamics and course materials to facilitate more effective learning. Ask your students what kind of learner they are (visual, auditory, tactile, etc.) or what course material they want to review before an upcoming exam.

Teachers aren’t the only ones who benefit from using polls. Students can also use polls in the classroom. Your students can create class projects or presentations that include polls, build stronger relationships by collaborating with their peers, and more!

Teaching students how to use polls effectively also teaches them how to take initiative, lead a group activity, and build meaningful future projects. And polls are a great way for students to learn about the voting process and how it affects them and their classmates.

What are good questions to ask on student polls?

The types of questions that are good to ask in student polls can vary depending on the goals and theme of your poll. Here are a handful of generic questions you could ask your students, for a wide variety of poll types:

  • Rate this year’s lesson plan.
  • Rate your instructor’s performance.
  • How difficult did you find this course’s material?
  • What could have been done better?
  • What was your favorite part about this lesson/course?
  • Do you have any suggestions on future lesson plans?

How do I poll my students?

Polling your students is easy! Start by creating your own custom student poll with Jotform. Open your Jform account and select Create Form. Choose one of our ready-made form templates or select Start From Scratch to begin the creation process. If you choose one of our templates, you can customize it to fit your needs with our drag-and-drop poll builder. Change fonts and colors, upload images, and more.

Once you’re satisfied with your questions and the design of your student poll, you can send it to your students to fill out. Share your custom poll by copying and pasting a direct link, sending a QR code, or embedding your poll directly in your students’ online portal — accessible from any mobile, tablet, or desktop computer.