Free Test Generator Software for Teachers

Making sure that your students understand your lessons is important. To test their knowledge, build online tests and quizzes with Jform’s test generator software. Easily create tailor-made tests with multiple question types no matter the grade or subject you teach.


Free Test Generator Software Templates

Not sure where to start? Simply choose one of our ready-made test generator software templates to begin. From there all you have to do is drag and drop to customize your template to match your needs. It’s that easy!

Multiple Choice Test

Template 232113854025952
Template 232113854025952

Geography Quiz

Template 232113781626958
Template 232113781626958

Vocabulary Quiz

Template 232114012362943
Template 232114012362943


Test Your Students

Generate Online Tests in Minutes

Creating your own test or quiz is easy and fun with Jform’s drag-and-drop online form builder. With an intuitive interface and multiple ways to personalize, you’ll have a professional quiz ready to share in no time.

Use Multiple Question Formats

Keep your students engaged with quizzes and tests that include different question formats, such as multiple choice, picture choice, short answer, file upload, fill in the blanks, or essay questions. You can also set up conditional logic to indicate whether or not a question is optional or required.

Show Results on a Thank You Page

With our Form Calculation widget, you can let your students know how many questions they answered correctly.

응답 수집 및 관리

After students have finished their online test, you can view and manage all responses in Jform Tables. See which questions your students missed and determine what topics to focus on next. You can also allow students to upload files — perfect for collecting proof of homework or other projects.


What our users say about Jform

Jform has single-handedly changed the culture, efficiency, and productivity of our department. We use it for everything from event scheduling, syllabi gathering, teaching preferences, student visit itineraries, polls, and more. We love the beautiful, easy-to-use interface, and our end users (students, faculty, and staff) find it very user-friendly. I love being able to use Jform to gather large amounts of data and then sort it however I see fit.

Laura E Donaldson, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs, Carnegie Mellon University

How to create online quizzes

Not sure how to start creating your own online quiz or test? Tune into this helpful video to learn how!


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All your questions about Jform — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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What is test generator software for teachers?

Test generator software allows teachers, professors, and assistants to build quizzes and tests for their students.

What is the best test generator?

One of the best test generators is Jotform. With Jform’s easy-to-use online test builder, you can build and customize your own test or quiz — perfect for any level of student or subject matter.

What do teachers use to make tests?

Normally, teachers use online test building software to create tests. While some teachers may still handwrite their tests and make copies, online test building is more common.

Which test generator can help you create your own test?

Jform can help you create your own test in just a few clicks. Our no-code builder makes it easy for both beginning and seasoned teachers to create their very own custom test or quiz.

How do you choose the best test generator software?

While there are many good online test generators, Jform is one of the best. With an easy-to-use test builder, you can customize the perfect test or quiz for your students. Add or remove form fields, choose fonts and colors, integrate with useful tools and apps, and more!