Create a Free Picture Quiz

Create interactive and engaging picture quizzes for free with Jform that’ll wow your audience with visual challenges they’ll love. With no coding skills required, you can customize your quizzes to match your exact needs. Put your audience to the test with Jform’s easy-to-use picture quiz maker.


Free Picture Quiz Templates

Not sure where to start? No problem. Simply choose one of our ready-made picture quiz templates and customize it to your liking. Upload additional images, integrate with useful tools, change fonts and colors, and much more.

Which Joker Portrayal Are You?

Template which-joker-portrayal-are-you-private-1

귀하는 어떤 디즈니 캐릭터인가요?

Template which-disney-character-are-you-private-2

Emoji Quiz Template

Template emoji-quiz-template-private-1


드래그 빌더

Building picture quizzes is a breeze with Jform’s drag-and-drop builder. Use one of our ready-made templates or build your ideal quiz from scratch. No coding knowledge is required.

Easy Customization

Tailor your picture quiz to match your exact needs and style preferences. Add branding assets, generate a unique URL, change up fonts and colors, and so much more.

Seamless Sharing

Effortlessly share your picture quizzes with your audience across various platforms. Share via a direct link, QR code, on social media, or by embedding your picture quiz in your website.

Visual Reports

Turn your quiz responses into a visual report with Jform Report Builder. Automatically create bar charts, pie charts, and form response tables. Make more accurate decisions for your students or trivia enthusiasts by analyzing your picture quiz data.

Free and User-Friendly

Jform’s Picture Quiz Maker is a cost-effective and user-friendly way to build picture quizzes for your next trivia night or pop quiz. Save time, money, and paper better spent elsewhere with Jotform.


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Jform form builder is a revolutionary application that allows users to create and integrate forms into their websites quickly and easily. Its built-in Advanced CSS Editor allows full customization to make forms perfectly fit into any site design, and integrating them into a page is easily done just with a few clicks. Adding more complex questionnaires and quizzes along logical conditions is also a breeze with Jform, while its Card Form View provides an enhanced appearance to your forms.

Tamás Hürkecz, Website Coordinator, Lightware

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What is a picture quiz?

A picture quiz is a type of quiz that uses images to pose questions to its audience.

How can I create a picture quiz?

To create a picture quiz, simply choose one of our free quiz templates to start — then drag and drop to add different question types, include images and videos, integrate with useful tools, and upload your own branding.

What are the benefits of using picture quizzes?

Picture quizzes are a great way to engage your students or trivia group. Consider using them for

  • Assessing your audience’s knowledge
  • Catering to other learning types in your group
  • Improving knowledge retention by offering a new, fun way to learn

Is Jform's Picture Quiz Maker free to use?

Yes, Jform’s Picture Quiz Maker is completely free to use.

How can I engage my audience with visual challenges using the Picture Quiz Maker?

To engage your audience with the Picture Quiz Maker, head over to Jform’s Form Builder to get started. Use our intuitive quiz builder to upload unique images or videos, add different question types like multiple-choice or dropdown questions, change colors and fonts, and more depending on your goals.

Can I customize the picture quizzes to match my branding or style?

Yes, you can customize your picture quiz to match your branding or personal style. Use our drag-and-drop builder to make changes to fonts and colors, upload personal branding assets or images, and more to make your picture quiz totally unique.

How can I share the picture quizzes with my audience?

Yes, you can share your picture quizzes with your audience seamlessly. Generate a QR code for your audience to scan, share via a direct link, or embed your quiz directly in your website.

Are there any limitations on the number of picture quizzes I can create and share using Jform's Picture Quiz Maker?

The number of quizzes you can create depends on your Jform plan. Jform’s free Starter plan allows users to create five free forms and gather 100 monthly submissions. If you need to create more quizzes or have a higher submissions limit, you can upgrade to a Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan to meet your needs.