Medical Consent Forms

Medical consent is permission given by a patient to begin medical treatment. Also known as informed consent, it requires that patients have the mental capacity to make their own decisions, as they must understand the treatment’s procedures, benefits, and risks before consenting. Patients who cannot consent themselves, such as minors, the elderly, or disabled patients, have their guardian consent to their treatment instead. Whether you need to obtain medical consent for children, therapy, or blood donations, our free Medical Consent Forms will help your medical facility safely collect patient information and signatures online.

Operating our drag-and-drop Form Builder, you can easily customize your medical consent form to meet your clinic’s needs. Add form fields to collect more medical information, list your hospital's terms and conditions, and upload your logo for a professional look — no coding required. Once it’s published, patients can complete and sign the form on your clinic’s website or waiting room tablet. Keep in mind that in order to protect sensitive health information according to HIPAA standards, you’ll need to upgrade to a Silver or Gold plan. By making it easier and quicker for patients to consent to treatment, our Medical Consent Forms will speed up your medical practice’s administration workflow, so you can treat and care for your patients faster.

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