Create New Hire Forms

Upgrade your onboarding process and streamline HR tasks with new hire forms from Jotform. Use our comprehensive suite of human resources tools to seamlessly collect all necessary forms and data into one intuitive platform. Our user-friendly interface empowers you to focus on what matters most — welcoming your new team members. Ditch the messy paper forms and embrace a smarter way to onboard with Jotform.

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Explore New Hire Form Templates

To get started, pick one of our ready-made new hire form templates. Customize it in our drag-and-drop form builder by adding images or branding assets, changing fonts and colors, integrating with useful tools, and much more.

New Employee Details Form

Template new-employee-details-form
Template new-employee-details-form

New Employee Equipment Form

Template new-employee-equipment-form
Template new-employee-equipment-form

New Hire Onboarding

Template new-hire-onboarding
Template new-hire-onboarding

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Explore Employee App Templates

Our employee app templates make it easy to onboard new employees. Build your own no-code app by using one of our ready-made employee app templates or by starting from scratch. Customize your app to make important internal resources available on any device.

Employee Onboarding App

Template employee-onboarding-app
Template employee-onboarding-app

Employee Portal App

Template employee-portal-app
Template employee-portal-app

Job Application App

Template job-application-app
Template job-application-app


Effortless Customization

Revolutionize your hiring process with Jform's intuitive form builder, allowing you to effortlessly customize your hiring forms. Drag and drop to create tailored forms in minutes, eliminating the need for complex coding or design skills. Ensure your onboarding process reflects your organization's identity and requirements with ease.

Efficiency in Hiring Processes with Jform Tables

Supercharge your hiring process with Jform Tables by easily centralizing application data, streamlining collaboration, and expediting decision-making. With customizable views and real-time updates, you can effortlessly manage candidates, schedules, and evaluations all in one place. Share candidate data with others in just a few clicks to increase collaboration and speed up your hiring process.

Streamline Your Approval Process with Jform Approvals

Use Jform Approvals to accelerate the approval process for essential forms with customizable workflows and real-time notifications, ensuring seamless coordination between stakeholders. Set up approval workflows for candidate interviews, take-home assignments, and more.

Simplify Onboarding with Jform Sign

Upgrade your onboarding process with Jform Sign, enabling secure electronic signatures for all your new hire forms. Seamlessly integrate e-signatures into your workflow to reduce paperwork hassles.

Effortless Onboarding with Jform Apps

Centralize all necessary onboarding documents in one easy-to-use app. Ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding experience for both your team and new hires with Jform Apps. Drag and drop to add or remove forms, change the app logo, and so much more.


What our users say about Jform

Jform has helped us to organize internal human resources and administrative workflows, customers demands, customer surveys, carry out endomarketing strategies and such.

Its integration with Asana helped us see and plan out our business even further, creating optimized and standardized ways to carry out key information across multiple teams.

Denis Sooma, Marketing & Project Manager,

Create your own new hire forms

Learn how to build the perfect new hire forms for your onboarding process in this helpful video from Jotform.


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All your questions about Jform — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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What forms do new employees need to fill out?

Your company will most likely have several forms that new employees will have to fill out before or during the onboarding process. Usually, new employees fill out and sign a hiring contract before onboarding begins, then sign tax documents like a W-4 form and various other training documents during their first week.

Before creating your own new employee form, make sure to check with your HR managers to see if they have any existing forms for you to use. Some countries and states will have unique hiring documents too, so make sure to research that beforehand.

What is a common hiring form?

A common hiring form is a type of document that is often used when employees are first onboarded to a company. For example, a W-4 tax form is a common type of hiring form that many organizations use when new employees start.

How can I create a smooth employee onboarding process with Jform?

Creating a smooth employee onboarding process is a breeze with Jotform.

Start by streamlining your company’s hiring paperwork. Your new hire will have to fill out a number of forms. From collecting the new employee’s tax and payroll information, emergency contacts, and other important details, it’s easy to get bogged down in the messy paperwork that comes with hiring someone new. However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you use Jform for your onboarding tasks.

Make it easy for both new hires and HR by creating your onboarding forms with one of Jform’s ready-made employee information form templates. Our templates can significantly cut down on the time it would take to build a new hire form from scratch. Our drag-and-drop builder also makes customization a breeze — add or remove form fields, change fonts and colors, integrate with other platforms, and more.

After you’ve created and designed your hiring forms, use Jform Tables to track your new hires and ensure that they complete all your forms and training sessions.

How can I customize new hire forms to suit my company's specific requirements?

You can use Jform’s drag-and-drop builder to customize your new hire forms to suit your company’s specific requirements. Our form builder allows you to change fonts and colors, upload images and branding assets, add or remove form fields, and more. You can even integrate your new hire forms with trusted platforms, payment processors, and widgets to take your form to the next level.

You can also add advanced features like conditional logic, form translation, offline forms, and more to your new hire forms.

Can I integrate Jform with existing HR software or workflows?

Yes, you can integrate Jform with your existing HR software or workflows. First, make sure that the software you want to connect is listed among our integrations. Then, simply choose the form that you’d like to integrate and click on the integration in the Settings tab to set up the connection.

If you don’t have specific HR software yet, check out our HR-specific integrations to find one that works for your business or organization.

How secure is the storage and handling of sensitive new hire data?

Ensuring that your new hire data is secure is a top priority for Jotform. All your forms are stored across a protected, 256-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) connection. You can also opt to encrypt your forms, so submissions are protected by a custom password only you know. Additionally, you can enable extra privacy and spam protection by backing up your new hire data, adding CAPTCHA fields, and more.

Is there a limit to the number of new hire forms I can create and manage with Jform?

The number of forms and submissions you can have depends on which Jform plan you have. If you have a free account, you will be limited to five forms.

To view your current plan and usage, select your avatar in the upper-right corner of any Jform page. You can also view your stats on your Account Usage page.

To upgrade your account, visit our pricing page and see which plan works best for your business.

Can multiple team members collaborate on filling out or reviewing new hire forms simultaneously?

Yes, multiple team members can collaborate on filling out and reviewing new hire forms with Jform Teams. With Teams, you can create a shared workflow where members can build new hire forms, tables, reports, and apps to work collaboratively online. As the admin of your account, you can set different roles and permissions for users to keep your data secure.

*Please note that multi-user collaboration is only available with a Jform Enterprise account.

Are there any features in place to prevent errors or incomplete submissions on new hire forms?

There are a few features you can add to your new hire form to prevent errors and incomplete submissions on your new hire forms.

The first method is setting a required field. When you add a new field on your form, it will be optional to fill out by default. This means that form respondents can submit their form response without filling out that field. If you want to require respondents to fill out the field, simply select the field in the Form Builder and click the gear icon to open the Properties sidebar. Under the General tab, toggle Required to “On” to make the field mandatory to fill out. This feature makes it easier to collect complete forms.

Jform also allows users to customize form warnings to help guide respondents while they’re filling out the form. Personalized form warning messages prevent incorrect or incomplete answers like an invalid email address or an empty required field. To change your form warning messages, open the Form Builder and go to Settings at the top. Select Show More Options at the bottom and then select Edit next to Form Warnings. Use the search bar at the top to filter the warning messages and enter your new messages in the corresponding fields. Customize your messages to fit your new hire forms — add prescriptive language, use a casual or professional tone, and more. Once you’re finished, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Save Changes.

Does Jform offer any analytics or reporting tools to track onboarding progress and effectiveness?

Yes, Jform offers features that assist with analytics and reporting so you can make the most of your new hire onboarding process. Check out these helpful features:

Form Submissions Tables

The easiest way to track new hire onboarding data is with Jform Tables. Each form submission is automatically recorded in a dedicated spreadsheet in Tables for your convenience. To track submissions, go to your My Forms page and select the form you want to track. Click the Submissions button at the top to open a spreadsheet of all your form’s submissions. Here you can share, assign, view, and download form submissions.

Form Analytics

To make the most of your new hire form data, you can use Jform’s built-in Form Analytics feature to see conversion rates, location data, submission statistics, and more. Track and manage new hire form data from your centralized Jform account.

Visual Report Builder

Use Jform Report Builder to generate professional visual reports from your new hire form submissions — no coding knowledge required. These reports are great for summarizing new hire entries, turning new hire data into shareable visuals, and more.