Free App Builder for Small Businesses

Looking to create a one-stop shop for your small business? Add your own branding and create a mobile-ready app with Jform’s no-code app builder. Collect online orders, payments, appointments, registrations, and much more. Reach a wider audience by sharing your app on social media or including a link in your business’s newsletters. Customers can then access and download your app on any device and start using it right away.


Explore Free Small Business Templates

Explore Jform’s 400+ ready-made app templates to find the perfect template for your business. Customize the look and feel of your app in seconds with our no-code app builder.

전자상거래 앱 템플릿

Template ecommerce-app-template
Template ecommerce-app-template

옷가게 앱

Template clothing-store-app
Template clothing-store-app

이발소 앱

Template barber-shop-app
Template barber-shop-app


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Build an App for Any Industry

Whether you work in healthcare, education, construction, or food service, Jform’s vast template library has something for everyone. Install a template with one click, then make it your own with our drag-and-drop app builder. Upload your unique logo, choose fonts and colors, add e-signatures, forms and pages, and much more without any coding.

공유 및 임베드

Jform’s many sharing options make it easy to reach a wider customer base. Send email invitations, post the app link in your social media bios, and seamlessly embed it in your website with a simple copy-paste code. You can even generate unique QR codes to include in business cards or receipts.

맞춤형 URL 생성

Want to create a memorable app URL that includes your business’s name? No problem! With just a few clicks in your Jform dashboard, you can rename your app to anything you like. You can also create custom links for individual forms within your app to make sharing even easier.

온라인 대금 수금

Get paid directly through your forms by installing one of Jform’s 25+ payment integrations, including popular services like PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Google Pay. Collect order payments, registration fees, donations, and more. Jform never charges any additional transaction fees.

귀하의 데이터 관리하기

Form submissions are automatically synced and stored in your secure Jform account. Collect, organize, and manage everything in Jform Tables, our powerful online spreadsheet-database platform. View user data in a way that works best for you — as an easy-to-read spreadsheet, a calendar, or cards.


What our users say about Jform

Jform is a great program for content creation, very user-friendly! We have been able to create engaging forms and apps for our internal business needs and our client-facing needs. The forms and App builder are customizable, thus supporting our transition to Omnichannel for our clientele.

Nicole Wreaks, 컨텐츠 제작 및 비즈니스 개발, Ewyn Studios

Create a No-Code App for Your Small Business

Need to create an app for your small business but don’t know where to start? In this video, we’ll show you how to choose from over 200 templates or create your own app from scratch with just a few clicks.