6 Features

Gain valuable insights from your form data with a wide variety of built-in analytics tools. Analyze your traffic, improve form responses, measure user behavior, create visual reports, connect to Google Analytics and other third-party widgets, and much more.

Submission Tracking with Facebook Pixel

Track Form Submissions with Facebook pixel and optimize your Facebook campaigns.


비주얼 리포트 빌더

Turn form submissions into visual reports using Jform Report Builder. Generate bar graphs, pie charts, and submission grids automatically. Analyze form data to make better decisions for your company.


UTM Tracking

Set up UTM tracking parameters for your online forms. Track and analyze form traffic data to better optimize your campaigns. Get started now for free!


Google 애널리틱스 양식 추적

Better analyze your data by connecting your Jform forms with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. View analytics for submissions, form fields, thank you pages, and more. Boost conversion rates and make better decisions for your business.


양식 제출 관리

Collect, manage, and share form data using Jotform. With our suite of free data management tools, you can generate reports, PDFs, and securely share form submissions online.


양식 분석

Make the most of your form data with form analytics. Use Jform’s built-in tool or connect with third-party apps like Google Analytics. Gain a better understanding of your survey, questionnaire, and form responses.