Boost Your Cause with Free Donation Forms

Expand your reach and accept donations from anywhere with free donation forms and apps from Jotform. Drop a link to your forms in your social media profiles, include them in email newsletters, or embed them in your website in seconds. Plus, streamline giving for donors with Jform’s extensive selection of 30+ payment gateways.


Explore Donation Form Templates

To get started, just pick one of our ready-made donation form templates. Customize it in our drag-and-drop form builder by adding images or branding assets, changing fonts and colors, integrating with useful tools, and much more.

기부 양식

Template donation
Template donation

Nonprofit Donation Form

Template nonprofit-donation-form
Template nonprofit-donation-form

Charity Donation Form

Template responsive-charity-donation-form
Template responsive-charity-donation-form

Explore Donation App Templates

Custom apps make it easier for your audience to support your cause. Collect donations or tips in a complete, customizable donation app. Plus, you’ll never pay extra transaction fees to Jform!

기부 앱

Template donation-app
Template donation-app

Church Donation App

Template church-app
Template church-app

School Donation App

Template school-donation-app
Template school-donation-app


Collect donations effortlessly

Jform’s goal is to make the donation process as effortless and efficient as possible. With 100+ donation form templates and dozens of built-in form elements and widgets, you can use our form builder to create winning donation forms in just a few clicks. Streamline your fundraising efforts and make more of an impact today!

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Our user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface lets you customize your donations forms and apps effortlessly. Change colors and fonts, upload logos and images, integrate with popular apps, and more. Jform is the best way to collect donations online — no coding knowledge required.

Choose from 30+ payment gateways

Securely collect donations through your form by choosing from 30+ payment gateways, including PayPal, Square, Google Pay, Stripe, and more. Best of all, Jform never charges additional processing fees, so you can keep more of your donations.

Share your donation forms in seconds

Spread the word about your cause with Jotform. Seamlessly share your donation forms and apps across multiple platforms to reach a broader audience. Send them in an email, link them in your social media profiles, share them via QR code, or embed them directly in your website.


A great tool for fundraising

Jform has been a great tool for our fundraising and marketing department. As a nonprofit leader, I am always looking for tools that are easy to use, priced well, and able to do more than one function or ‘thing.’ We started using Jform to allow our supporters a place to request marketing materials for a fundraising walk, but we quickly learned we could use this platform for so much more.

We continue to use [Jform] as a place for our supporters to request marketing materials, but now we also use it for post-event surveys and community voting on new marketing ideas and projects. Recently, we also used it for our guests to pre-order food for a fundraising event.

Nathan Smith, Vice President, Rain Carolina

How to set up a recurring donation form

Now, you can collect recurring donations for your cause with Jform! Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to create a donation form, add a dollar amount, integrate with your preferred payment gateway, set up subscriptions, and more.


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All your questions about Jform — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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How does the donation generator work?

Generating and collecting donations is a breeze with Jotform. Just build a custom donation form or app with our drag-and-drop interface, then share it with your audience. You can integrate with 30+ popular payment processors to accept payments and track your donations in Jform Tables. Managing your donations has never been easier!

Does it cost anything to use the donation generator?

Donation forms and apps on Jform are 100% free. You can build custom donation forms and apps and accept payments in seconds without any fees or coding. Jform’s free Starter plan does have monthly limits on forms and payments, so you may need to upgrade to a paid plan to unlock more donations.

Can I customize the design of my donation form?

Yes. You can effortlessly customize the design of your donation form using Jotform. Add form fields, change fonts and colors, upload images and logos, switch up the text, and much more. Plus, you can integrate with hundreds of popular integrations — including payment processors — to optimize donation collection and user experience. Jform is the premier form builder for free, easy online form customization.

Can I customize the design of my donation app?

Jform’s drag-and-drop app builder makes customizing your donation app simple. Add app elements, change fonts and colors, upload images and logos — all without any coding. Bundle your online forms so that users can learn about your cause, donate, sign up to volunteer, and more — all in one handy app.

How do I set up a donation link?

You can set up a donation link in just a few clicks. Once you build your donation form and integrate with the payment processor of your choice, go to the Publish tab in Form Builder and copy your form link. If you want to give your donation form a custom URL, select the pencil icon next to your form’s link and enter your desired URL slug, then select Apply. For example, you can add your organization’s name at the end of the URL.

How do I receive funds collected through my donation form or app?

When you collect funds through your donation form or app, you’ll integrate with the payment processor of your choice — such as PayPal, Square, or Stripe. You can collect debit or credit card payments, ACH payments, and other alternative payment methods and access funds through those third-party platforms

Is my personal information and financial data secure with Jform?

Jform’s top priority is ensuring that all data handled by our technology is highly secure. Jform uses a 256-bit SSL connection, offers encryption features, and includes advanced privacy settings, so you don’t need to worry about your personal or financial information. Jform also follows GDPR and CCPA regulations and offers optional HIPAA compliance features to protect PHI. For information about all of our security features, see Jform Secure Online Forms.

Can I track the progress of my fundraising campaign?

Yes! You can easily track the progress of your fundraising campaign through Jform Tables. When someone makes a donation or submits a form, it will automatically appear in Jform Tables for you to view, track, and analyze. You can also build professional reports from your data in seconds with Report Builder to visualize your progress. You can also add a donation goal progress bar to Jform apps with the Donation Box feature.

Can I receive periodic donation updates via email?

With Jform’s Digest Emails feature, you can stay up-to-date on your donations with periodic email updates that fit into your workflow. You can choose the frequency of updates — like every day, week, or month — and you’ll receive custom insights into key donation information. View the number of your donations, see details in customized charts, and more.

Can I use the donation generator for both personal and nonprofit causes?

You can use your donation forms and apps for any cause you like! Whether you’re raising money for your nonprofit or for your dog’s surgery, Jform is there to help.

How can I promote my donation form effectively?

You can promote your donation forms in just a few quick clicks to expand your reach. Attach them in a newsletter email, link them in your social media profiles, share them via QR code at conferences, or embed them directly in your website. With Jform, you can maximize your donations through easy-to-share forms and apps.