CRM Templates

{제목} 정보

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) template is used to track and manage contacts or leads online in a professional spreadsheet format. Whether you’re tracking new leads or deals for your business, keeping track of donors for your charity or nonprofit, or simply keeping an address book at home, you can use our range of online CRM spreadsheets to more easily organize important contact details online — just link it with your contact form or lead gen form to auto-populate the spreadsheet! All data is stored securely in your Jform account, which you can seamlessly access on any device.

Throw away your messy address book and stop taking down contact details by hand — with an online CRM spreadsheet template, you can view details for business interactions, track potential customers in your sales funnel, and manage relationships with your suppliers, colleagues, or partners all in one place. Just choose the CRM template that best suits your needs, customize it in seconds, and quickly input your information to instantly get organized and increase the efficiency of your business.