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CAHPS (의료 제공자의 소비자 평가 시스템) 설문조사들은 의료 서비스 시스템의 여러 레벨에 있는 환자들의 피드백을 모으고 환자 경험에 대한 과학적인 이해를 발전시키도록 의료 단체들에 의해서 사용됩니다. 만약 귀하가 의료 제공인이라면, 저희의 무료 CAHPS 설문조사 템플릿들은 귀하의 환자들이 온라인에서 그들의 경험들을 기록하고 평가하도록 합니다. 아래의 CAHPS 설문조사 템플릿을 선택하고 웹사이트에 그것을 임베드하거나 귀하의 의료시설에 대한 환자들의 경험과 관련한 피드백을 얻기위해 그들에게 그것을 전송하십시오. 콤퓨터나 모바일 장치를 사용하여, 환자들은 그들의 연락 정보를 입력하거나, 설문조사에 답하고, 형식적 기준으로 직원들과의 교류를 평가할 수 있습니다.

CAHPS 템플릿들 중 어느 것도 AHRQ 규정때문에 편집될 수 없다고 언급하는 것이 중요합니다. AHRQ는 질문들과 디자인에 어떤 변경도 하지 않는 조건에서만 CAHPS 설문조사를 만드는 것을 허용합니다. Jform이 양식 구축 능력에서 제공하는 것은 Google 드라이브 또는 Dropbox 같은 다른 온라인 계정들에 100개 이상의 무료 앱과 통합들로 설문조사 반응들을 자동으로 저장하는 것입니다. 또한 멤버십 업그레이드에서 사용 가능하며 코로나 바이러스 대응 프로그램의 일부로 제공되는 HIPAA 규정 준수 옵션으로 민감한 의료 데이터를 보호할 수 있습니다. 귀하는 CAHPS 설문조사로 AHRQ (미국보건의료연구소) 와 긴밀하게 협업할 수 있으며 의료시설에서 환자의 경험을 개선하는데 필요한 피드백을 받을 수 있습니다.


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What is a CAHPS survey?

A Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey requests feedback from a patient regarding their experiences with their healthcare providers and plans, including hospitals, home healthcare agencies, and specific doctors. CAHPS surveys are conducted in the United States. 

These patient experience surveys — which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) publicly report — can impact payments to CMS providers. (In addition to paying for the number of services provided, CMS also offers value-based programs, rewarding healthcare providers for providing high-quality care. Therefore, if a CAHPS survey reveals a poor patient experience, the healthcare provider may receive a smaller payout.)

To be clear, CAHPS surveys are about patient experience, not patient satisfaction or amenities. They’re a means of understanding how patients (and sometimes their families) experienced or perceived their care, specifically homing in on doctor communication — whether or not the patients understood their medication or aftercare instructions — and how the healthcare providers met their overall needs.

Lastly, CMS must develop CAHPS surveys, and the CAHPS Consortium must approve them. These surveys — which follow specific principles in survey design and development — use standardized questions and data-collection protocols to accurately assess large samples of patients. 

CMS develops and refines these surveys with extensive stakeholder and public input, including receiving guidance from a technical expert panel and setting up multiple public comment periods through the Office of the Federal Register. Most importantly, CAHPS surveys are also statistically adjusted to correct for different patient providers and survey modes.

What are the two types of CAHPS surveys?

The two types of CAHPS surveys are the CAHPS Clinician & Group (CG-CAHPS) Survey and the CAHPS Health Plan Survey.


The CG-CAHPS Survey asks patients about their most recent experience with healthcare providers and staff in primary or specialty care settings. These surveys cover a wide range of patient experience topics, including accessibility of care and communication as well as interaction with providers and staff, and they deliver these benefits:

  • They help CMS determine if and where hospitals, private practices, or medical groups can improve patient experiences.
  • They allow CMS to measure and monitor the performance of healthcare practices and groups to ensure they’re consistently providing high-quality care to all patients.
  • They give consumers the ability to find and compare quality-of-care information to choose their best-fit physician.

CAHPS Health Plan Survey

The CAHPS Health Plan Survey asks health plan enrollees about their experience with their specific healthcare plans, both public and private. Similar to CG-CAHPS surveys, these surveys are useful in a number of ways:

  • They help CMS discover if and where health plans and systems can improve patient experiences. 
  • They allow CMS to measure and monitor the performance of healthcare plans and systems to ensure they’re consistently providing high-quality care to all beneficiaries.
  • They give beneficiaries the ability to find and compare quality-of-care information to choose their best-fit healthcare plan.

What is the purpose of CAHPS?

Put simply, the purpose of a CAHPS survey is to improve healthcare in the United States. By effectively measuring the patient experience, CMS can, ideally, find ways to optimize it — both clinically and administratively.

How many CAHPS surveys are there?

According to the CMS website, there are 11 types of CAHPS surveys.

The two most well-known CAHPS surveys are the Hospital CAHPS (HCAHPS) and Home Health CAHPS (HHCAHPS) surveys.


The HCAHPS Survey assesses the patient experience in hospitals — including how doctors, nurses, and general hospital staff treated them; how clean the hospital was; what type of information they received about medication; and what kind of attention they received upon discharge. This survey, which 3 million patients in more than 4,000 hospitals complete annually, is administered

  • To a random sample of adult clients, between two and 42 days after discharge 
  • In one of four ways: via mail, phone, mail first followed by a phone follow-up, or interactive voice response
  • In a variety of languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and German

Best of all, HCAHPS survey results are updated quarterly on Medicare’s website. (Click Hospitals on the website to find and compare quality-of-care information of 4,000-plus Medicare-certified hospitals across the country.)

Home Health CAHPS Survey

The Home Health CAHPS Survey assesses the experience of home healthcare patients. Either the patient or the patient’s proxy can fill out this 34-item survey. If the proxy answers the survey, they must do so by mail, telephone, or a mix of both: first mail and then a phone follow-up.

Like HCAHPS surveys, Medicare’s website has publicly reported Home Health CAHPS survey results since 2012. They’re grouped into three informative categories: Care of Patients, Communications Between Providers and Patients, and Specific Care Issues. (Once you’re on the website, click Home health services to find and compare Medicare-certified home health agencies in your geographic location.)

In addition to these two CAHPS surveys, here’s some brief information about a few more:


이 템플릿들은 단지 제시된 양식들입니다. 만약 귀하가 계약서 또는 개인 (또는 개인 의료) 정보를 모으고 법률적인 용도로 양식을 사용한다면 귀하가 적용되는 법들을 준수하도록 하고 어떤 특정한 양식에 의존하기 전에 변호사와 상담하는 것을 권유합니다.